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Providing ICT services to schools and businesses.

Local, enthusiastic and approachable.

Supporting schools

“clearly understand education .. new developments..”
 “helped .. ICT being an integral part of every lesson..”

School ICT is always changing.
The quantity and quality of equipment in most schools is huge.
Far beyond most people’s predictions from only a few years ago.
We have worked with schools through many changes already and will continue to help in the future.

Supporting school sport

We support the largest primary cross country league in England.
This league has already had over 100,000 finishers.


Sessions for all staff
“most inspirational presentations .. in 20 years of teaching”

Helping teaching staff help themselves.
New equipment and software revisions mean that busy teachers often need a helping hand.
We’ve helped many teaching staff through the 80:20 challenge.
Master a few essential parts of the tools to quickly achieve the results needed


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Since 1998 we have been providing IT technical support services in Leicestershire.

We are still supplying customers that we helped to upgrade from ..

windows 95 licence


company logo since 2014

We provide PCs, servers, anti-virus and networking equipment.

Working with leading suppliers we also provide very cost effective wireless solutions

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In 2014  the primary computing curriculum was introduced.

New tools and familiar ideas help teachers and pupils to understand algorithms.

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