NEN Learning Resources

“The NEN is the UK collaborative network for education, providing schools with a safe, secure and reliable learning environment and direct access to a growing range of online services and content.”
(From the NEN website)

There are some fantastic resources available from the National Education Network. These are all free, safe and exciting!

Sorry, now a broken link :(

Here are some of our favourite resources:

Picture Book Maker – intended for KS1 pupils. Make an online picture book using zoo-related images.

Evacuation – an activity placing pupils in the place of a WW2 evacuee, explaining the importance of the few essential items they would have been allowed to take with them.

Audio network – loads of fantastic music resources, including downloadable, royalty-free music. NOTE – this is only accessible in schools.

Gallery – thousands of fantastic, royalty-free images. A much safer option than letting children use search engines to find images.

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