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The County Finals were held on march 13th along with the first ever National Finals. All results are now available on this link



jo pavey prestwold
The curtains closed on the primary schools cross-country league in spectacular fashion over the weekend with four-time Olympian and 10,000 m European champion Jo Pavey in attendance to sign autographs and present a vast array of prizes at the end of the day.
The league is beyond doubt the biggest of its kind anywhere in the UK and Jo was quick to point out just how lucky our young runners are to have this opportunity.
jo pavey speech
The three events  this year have attracted near-record all-time numbers only being surpassed by the post-Olympic bounce in 2012 which reflects nationally the growing interest in running and especially cross-country running at the younger age groups. Despite the deteriorating weather conditions there were almost identical numbers at each of the three matches which completely bucks  the trend of the past so thank you to everyone who has supported us over the autumn it is greatly appreciated and we hope that you will be back next year! Of course the big attraction of the day was Jo Pavey who spent a good deal of the morning signing autographs and posing for photographs as well as showing her enthusiasm for the sport and interest in the young athletes by chatting to them and congratulating them on their performances no matter how modest they were. She was also keen to  meet and thank the vast array of volunteers who help put on the events and was always keen to recognise the work that these invaluable people do, she commented “I am always really grateful to the volunteers that helped put on events in my junior years as without them I wouldn’t have had the opportunities to compete and progress”. The end of the day saw Jo, prior to her long trip back to Devon, handing out dozens of medals and trophies to the individual series winners and also to the schools. To commemorate the  attendance of Jo Pavey the Leicestershire Running an Athletics Network ,who umbrella the organisation of the events, have made arrangements with the official  photographer to provide all presentation photographs where Jo is included to be made available free of charge. Commenting at the end of a long cold day John Skevington added “I am so grateful to Jo for giving up her time and no doubt breaking into her Olympic trials preparations to attend our event, she was truly an inspiration to many of the aspiring young athletes that took part today and I am sure that the memories of meeting her will be treasured for a long while” .


John Skevington, Event Director

Timings for the event can be found in this special leaflet


Results for race 3

Results from current season and previous years at Prestwold Hall

Latest information on the league
October 2015 Dear John Thank you so much for all your help regarding our young special needs competitor. He had a great run and actually left his sister behind! I am hoping that he might not need her next time – but we will see! (He did start with his fingers in his ears as he was afraid of the gun!!) We had 6 children running in total today and I hiope for more next time – when the word gets out. I wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work and organisation. The event ran extremely smoothly, the kids loved it and parents were very pleased! All our kids finished well and want to run again so that is great news! I am definitely getting a school banner as we did feel like the poor relations but it did not detract from the morning! Thank you once again for all your hard work – it was definitely appreciated. We look forward to competing at the end of the month. Yours Sam Gorman Milfield Academy Braunstone Leicester
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