**SUMMER 2015!!**

Training camps in August. Click on the links below for more information:

Two day running camp for all ages

Transition – for those going in to years 7 or 8

Welcome to the dedicated site for the Leicestershire Primary Schools’ Cross Country league. Through this site you can find all necessary information relating to races, as well as results for all races.

Huge thanks to our sponsors:

Epic Accessories

Left in the car park:

Pair of ladies wellies

Pair of child’s trainers

Pair of fur lined boots

and left near the registration desk a big metal flask.

If anyone would like reuniting with these items please contact me directly


Hoodies available to buy at all races this year! Just £10 each, and available in a variety of colours.


Welcome to the 2014 Primary Schools cross country League –the biggest in the UK – and a big thank you and welcome to our sponsors THULE who have enabled us to improve the infrastructure of the events.  Thanks to their kindness we have been able to upgrade our PA system which hopefully will improve communication on the day of events and we have also been able to invest in some new lighter weight fencing which makes life easier for our volunteers who set up the course. On top of that there are the important but dull parts such as more cones and traffic management equipment for the car park which THULE have also helped provide. THULE has also been most generous in providing a brand new trailer for transporting the huge amount of kit that makes up the event. We are most grateful for their generosity.

You may notice that there is a slight change in dates this year and that the final match is not on the first Saturday of the month, we have brought the date of this one forward to avoid clashing with the secondary schools event as, of course, many parents have athletes running in both competitions. Please make a note of this change.

All events that we have been involved in this year have seen huge increases in numbers and we expect our league to also reflect this. For those that have been before you will already know that arriving early is paramount, if this is your first visit, the first event is always very busy and we will be expecting to process around 1200 cars in the space of the first hour. Please arrive in really good time to make sure that you have time to park and get your young athletes , orientated and warmed up.

Moving up to secondary school? CLICK HERE!