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Running ICT since 1998

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Welcome to SystemEd, we’ve been serving schools in this area for over 18 years.
For the last ten years we’ve fully supported Leicestershire Primary Cross Country League, from certificates to car parking to web sites.

Away from the mud and the rain and the wind and the hail we’ve helped schools achieve real value for money with creative solutions:-

Network Analysis and Troubleshooting


Helping teachers save valuable time and costs

“..in our school a progamme we use to record pupil progress was generating huge amounts of waste paper. Worse than that, the printed output was in the wrong format and layout for our school. This resulted in staff wasting hours each week collating the results. Mike McSharry worked with the software publisher and produced exactly the output we needed. This is saving reams of paper and tens of hours each month..”

The computing curriculum made simple

IP packets and a bit of fibre

Staff training and TeachMeets


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