Safe Photo Searching with Flickstackr

Update December 2015.
The developer now has 2 distinct apps,
Flickstackr Explorer which is a free app, this shows as FlickstackrXP in your apps and includes the features shown here.
Flickstackr which is a paid for app with additional in-app purchses for photographers serious about sharing and advertising their work.

Many teachers like to use images as lesson starters, conversation builders. In fact for everything and anything.

This is a wonderful iPad app that can really help teachers use image searching with confidence in school.

It overcomes a few major obstacles we are aware of.
These obstacles are “I could find these pictures at home last night” and “Oh, my Lord I wasn’t expecting those images to appear on the image search screen!”

Flickr is an enormous library of images on the internet. It hasn’t been designed for 10 year olds (viewers or contributors). So use with caution in front of class, or ..

Use FlickStackr XP

Flickstackr home screen

The app can take advantage of your Flickr account or you can use it to see what Flickr has to offer. If Flickr is new to you then think “Youtube for still images”

Use the settings screen quite quickly and use ‘tiled view’ so you can see the display above.

Safe searching on Flickr

If you want to use the search live in front of a class, click on the Search tile (bottom left hand corner) then select the Safe Search option, as shown below.

flickstackr safe search

Here’s the results I found

flickstackr serch results

You can also use the geo search to show pictures from an area, if the photographer has tagged them – again with Safe Search on.

Here’s pictures of canals near Leicester. Supermarket trollies can be disposed of in other locations.


flickstackr geo search


Even with Safe Search on, you don’t really know what you’re going to get AND Flickr is probably blocked in your school.

This is where another feature of FlickStackr comes in very handy – Stacks

Stacks allows you to make collections of pictures to suit your needs. It’s a handy tool for browsing photographs.

If you want to have a safe, available set of pictures on your iPad and know that you can show them in class, then the stacks tool may be the best solution you will find.

Here’s how it works.

The stack feature allows you to specify that a stack is available offline. This means that you can make a stack and the pictures are actually copied to your iPad and you don’t even need an internet link to show them. (In workshops I actually flick the Airplane Mode feature on my iPad to show this).

Let’s make a stack called ‘Local Canals’ of some pictures from the search and some from my own stream.

From your FlickStackr home screen select Stacks. This will show any stacks you already have.

Click the Add stack button

flickstackr add stack

Give the sack a name and select the Offline Stack option. Then click done.


stack options for flickstackr


FlickStackr allows you to add pictures to your default stack, so either select the stack as default here or in the modify stacks option later


As you can se above, the local canals is now the default stack. Adding pictures can be done from search results and from other views, including your own Flickr account.

The search screen (same as above, geo search near Leicester for canal) gives this display.

Select a picture then click the ‘Add to stack button’

flickstackr add search results to stack

Now select another source of pictures. In my case, my own Flickr stream


search flickr account for flickstackr stacks

Now, back at the stack display shows that local canals has these pictures. From an e-safety point of view the ‘Local Canals’ stacks has ONLY these views.

flickstackr stacks display


Clicking on any of the pictures allows us to run a full screen slideshow. With the pictures you selected. And ONLY the pictures you selected.

How do you use pictures in your class? Is Flickstackr a useful tool for your classroom?

The software developer has produced some very useful pages showing more of the features in this app