In the classroom

Today, 17th Feb 2011, one of our school customers told us they had bought 8 Kindles for the use of their secondary pupils.

Everything sounds simple so far. However, in schools in our part of the world the internet is accessed via a proxy server. (The proxy server ensures that unsuitable material is screened before the pupils get to it).

The Kindle does not have any way of accessing the internet via a proxy server AND without a connection the device cannot be registered. So – the pupils currently have a very nice dictionary. Not the result they were hoping for.

Yes – the school could have bought the 3G versions, but then the pupils have an unfiltered access to the internet from inside the school. Defeats the object of the proxy server!

We can take the Kindles back to our office, connect to our link which goes directly to the internet and register the devices. That’s great as a one off, but we’ll need to do that every time the school wants new material on the Kindle.

We can link the Kindles via USB to the PCs in the school – but only after we’ve activated the Kindles. Our understanding is that each PC can only link to one Kindle.

Does Amazon have an answer to this challenge?
Does anyone?

Is a Kindle a useful tool in a school?

What are your thoughts and ideas?